3D Game Concept

The Mars4 game is a AAA scientifically-inspired PvE (Player versus Environment) survival game with themes similar to "The Martian." The game was designed using Unreal Engine 4 and has since moved to Unreal Engine 5, creating a fully 3D Mars in visceral detail. The game is developed entirely in-house. It is an atmospheric first-person struggle against the harsh realities of life on the red planet, drawing inspiration from EVE Online's player-driven marketplace, technology tree, and character development.

In-game, Colonists will struggle to survive as they explore the land around them, mine for resources, and construct outposts. Their cooperation and dedication will grow their colonies into full-fledged habitats on NFT land plots. Players can enjoy this Play-2-Earn game and become part of a thriving Metaverse with its own self-sufficient economy and even, in the longer term, terraform the planet itself.

Those who own land on Mars4 have control over all actions within their Land. Landowners can delegate all land operations to Managers (other players) via the Land Governance System. They can develop their lands to improve their value in-game, create communities upon them and boost their passive income.

All other players (who own no land), are provided a single Colonist (Character NFTs) by default for free (with the ability to unlock additional slots). All Colonists inhabit and work together to build thriving colonies on land plots. It could be a couple of friends enjoying the co-op survival experience together or a large community building a metropolis under the supervision of a management team. Players participate in this Play-2-Earn game by exploiting resources on Mars from land plots and turning those self-same resources to survival, the production of goods and equipment on Mars and even making a profit.

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