Methane Production

Due to detectable methane on Mars being chemically unstable in the red planet’s atmosphere, specialised machines will be needed to produce methane. These machines will gather CO2 from the atmosphere and through electrolysis with water from the ice found on Mars will, in turn, produce methane.

Simplified Summary:

  • Methane Production Machines

    • A machine that makes use of supplied energy to produce methane via electrolysis of water and CO2.

  • Resources Required:

    • Frozen water (H2O) found on Mars

    • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gathered by the Methane Production Machine.

  • The Process:

    • Craft the methane production machine

    • Provide energy cells to power the machine

    • The machine automatically collects a reservoir of carbon dioxide

    • Provide frozen water to the machine

    • The machine produces Methane

Tier 1 Methane Production Machine

Tier 2 Methane Production Machine

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