Economy & Income Sources

Economy loop

Income Sources

The Mars4 economy will be dependent on new entrants in the beginning to maximise the growth of the game’s internal economy, allowing it to become self-sufficient. To achieve this, additional income sources will be added. As the economy grows, external income sources will be introduced to increase the players’ ROI, creating a mutual value-added economy.

Land NFTs sales - Each time a land is sold to a prospective landowner, 20% of the land’s price is redistributed amongst all previous landowners. This is in place to reward our longest investors for bearing the greatest risks.

In-game NFTs sales - Any time an in-game NFT is sold, whether that is part or asset NFTs (as mentioned earlier), a percentage of the sale’s value is added to the community pool.

NFT Marketplace transactions - With the introduction of the second marketplace (P2P) that will handle in-game asset sales between players and landowners, purchases and sales on the P2P marketplace will have a small market fee.

B2B Land Sales - Lands can additionally be sold between Mars4 and other businesses directly on the Mars metaverse with a percentage of the sale’s value also being added to the community pool.

Rare NFTs sales - With the auctioning of rare land NFTs in the future, a similar addition to the community pool is earned each time one of the rarer lands is purchased.

In-game resources transactions - Any time resources on Mars4 are traded between players or landowners a transportation fee will be applied. This fee is determined by drawing a line between the buyer and seller and providing the fee to each landowner whose lands are crossed by resource transportation.

Advertising and sponsorships - As part of the establishment of a Martian Metaverse, Mars4 will be providing the ability for other businesses to rent premises or spaces out across the face of the virtual Mars to give themselves a digital presence.

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