Landowner Benefits

There are several varied benefits to becoming a landowner and holder of Mars4 NFTs. These extend from financial benefits (such as earning a passive income) to the prestige of owning unique plots of land on a virtual Mars that will act as a location to play and enjoy the P2E game. The main benefits of becoming a landowner are detailed below:

  • Earn passive income - Landowners will receive a percentage of all of Mars4's revenue streams. This includes land NFT sales, in-game NFT sales, marketplace transactions that occur through the MCC and in the 3D game as well as resource transportation fees that take place when players trade resources between land NFTs. In this way, landowners benefit from the use and investment of their lands even as they survive and thrive on Mars! You can find more about the specifics under the Economy section.

  • Increase land value - Mars4 offers a fixed number of land NFTs. The number of total lands provided by the Mars4 project number only 99,888. As purchases of lands increase, their value accordingly increases. It would be reasonable to expect demand to further rise as the NFTs are integrated into the Mars4 game, adding additional demand beyond mere investment opportunities.

  • Build your own digital empire - Owning lands will allow a player to use their own lands and develop them to earn passive income from lands even as they exploit the plot to earn additional income via the development and resources acquired, maximising the earning that comes with survival on Mars. Landowners that develop their lands and create their own digital empires will be able to leverage that economic advantage to their favour, improving their passive income. In time, landowners will see their barren plots turn into thriving conglomerations as colonists make use of the lands.

  • Explore Mars - in the 3D survival game - The ability to walk across the surface of Mars is beyond the reach of the vast majority of people. With each land NFT on Mars being modelled topographically after their real-Mars locations, exploring Mars itself can be done from the comfort of home with ease. Mars4’s virtual plots are created using data from NASA and other space agencies and will be incorporating this unique-ness into the 3D lands that each landowner will be able to play on in the Mars4 game.

  • Play with NFTs you own - After the launch of the Mars Control Center, users can purchase the in-game NFTs. Players that own a land plot NFT will be able to interact with those NFTs in the Mars4 3D game. For example landowners who own a mining vehicle will be able to drive it, mine resources, and use the rest of its in-game functions.

  • Have a vote in the Mars4 Metaverse - Mars4 is a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) with decisions and voting rights made by landowners. By owning land on Mars, you determine the future of the Mars4 project.

  • Growing demand for land - Players that thrive on Mars will naturally want to own their own plots, thereby developing and exploiting their very own lands without needing to pay rent to landowners. This, in turn, will create robust demand for the NFT land plots, allowing investors and players to benefit from holding their own plots.

  • Personalise your space - Individuals that own land on Mars can choose whether their lands are made public to the larger game community or kept private. This allows owners to use the land as they please, whether it is for a chance to enjoy survival on Mars simply for the fun of it or whether it is an opportunity to participate in a growing community across the face of the Meta-Mars. Your lands, your choices.

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