Electrical Wiring System

The electrical wiring system is a wire cable system made out of thin cylinders. Wires are placed in straight lines and provide visual feedback when connected to power and remain dark when it's not. This system is used to connect machines and generators into power grids across colonist bases.

Wiring System Summary:

  • Equip wiring tool

  • Right click on a machine then right click on another within 5 metres of the first. This connects the 2 with a wire forming a basic circuit.

    • You can connect multiple machines together creating larger circuits.

    • Machines on a circuit either draw power or generate power. If the total power generated in the circuit is greater than the total power draw in the circuit, then the entire circuit is powered.

Special machines exist to support building more complex circuits, these include:

  • Splitter - Used to split wiring and allow up to 5 connections at once from the first machine. Splitters are small and can be built on floors, ceilings, ground and walls. There will be 3 different sizes of splitter providing 4, 5, and 7 sockets.

  • Relay - Only connects to one point but has a range of 20 metres. Relays are great for long distance connections. Relays are quite large and can be built on the floor, ceiling or ground and come in two types:

  • Switch - Has two functions: On and Off (Players interact with it by pressing (E)). If the switch is On it joins the circuit and powers connected devices. If the switch is Off it cuts the circuit, leaving connected machines without power.

  • Automated Switch - Higher tier switch that automatically turns off the circuit if the connected generators lack sufficient output to power everything.

  • Power Display Panel - Device that measures the amount of power a connected generator supplies as well as the power draw of connected machines, enabling colonists to optimise their circuits.

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