MCC Game Loop & Integration

From a simplified viewpoint, players enter the MCC with several options at hand. Regardless of the level of investment that a player chooses when entering Mars4, there is always a way for them to earn $Mars4 dollars while playing the game, allowing them to participate in the Mars4 economy.

Integration with 3D game

Note: all integrations which refer to the 3D game mean integration with the full multiplayer 3D game version.

  • All owned NFT assets in the MCC will be available for use in the 3D game.

  • Resources gathered in the 3D game will be available on the MCC and tradeable via the MCC's marketplace.

  • XP will be earned passively via the MCC.

  • Users will have one shared common account between the MCC and 3D game.

  • Users will be able to login to the 3D game client using only the credentials (email and password) created in the MCC

  • Inventory between the 3D game and the MCC will be synchronised

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