Rare NFTs & Locking

Mars4's 888 Rare NFTs present a chance to own a unique topographical feature of Mars. They are not available at this current time as the Mars4 team wants to wait for the full game release to balance these lands against the player-built economy that Mars4 is structured around.

These lands represent enormous areas compared with typical lands and their exploitation and development will be implemented carefully to support the Mars4 in-game economy.

When the Mars4 team has found a best-use case for their in-game role, the Rare NFTs will be offered up via auction to our community of players and investors. These rare NFTs can be explored here.

Why are land NFTs locked?

There are several reasons behind the locking of land NFTs. The decision to lock land NFTs was partly taken to protect the long-term investors in the project by ensuring the price curve remained enforced and that rewards were distributed fairly.

The Mars land NFT economy is based on a principle that operates similar to a ‘bonding curve’. This principle ensures that the price of NFTs increases as the supply of available lands decreases. This also helps ensure the interests of our earliest investors are looked after as they have borne the greatest risk. The present structure is aimed to ensure that the earlier investors benefit from the scarcity principle by distributing 20% of the land’s price to previous investors.

However, there exists an additional reason to lock land NFTs at this time and this is due to the sensitivity regarding the full release of the Mars4 play-2-earn survival game. The Mars4 project aims to introduce an entirely player-driven and self-sufficient economy that ties the land NFTs into the Mars4 game. With land NFTs taking the role of the in-game maps that players will play on, it is necessary for the long-term success and viability of the Mars4 Metaverse to stabilise the game’s economy prior to launch and this includes preventing a secondary economy on 3rd party sites.

The sale of Mars4 land NFTs will be unlocked after release of the full game and the Mars4 economy will be balanced, providing their full value to our investors and players.

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