Constructing Bases

Building Construction

Mechanically, construction functions similar to the game Subnautica where you have building blocks that can lock together to create grander structures. i.e. hallways, walls, floors, and stairs which Colonists position and place to build unique and awesome habitats.

Construction also has multiple upgrade tiers which players can upgrade using processed materials.

  • Each tier costs different materials to upgrade

  • Every tier will strengthen the building's resistance to environmental dangers and hazards

  • The different tiers of building pieces have differing styles of construction visuals

Colonists will have to plan out their houses to create secure airtight rooms if they wish to save their oxygen levels.

  • Airtight mechanics - Colonists will have to build secure fully enclosed rooms with walls, foundations and a roof in order to make the room airtight which allows oxygen to be produced and maintained in the room with the help of an oxygen generator.

Base construction video


There are 3 different size domes that can be built in the game. Each dome requires careful planning.

  • Small dome

  • Medium dome

  • Large dome

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