Buildings in MCC

Buildings are only a feature of MCC and are currently unrelated to the game. Building Blueprints are not NFTs, but rather a bonus to your NFTs.

From colonist housing to mission control centers, buildings are the lifeblood of any fledgeling colony seeking to establish themselves on Mars. Through the MCC, each building is assembled on your lands using the resources mined from colonists and vehicles as well as a blueprint. They provide utility in the form of bonii that apply to your NFT colonists and vehicles, allowing you to focus on the particular strengths of your lands. By developing your lands, you can further boost your productivity scores and land value.

Take charge of your lands and lay the foundations of a new world!


The building functionality will enable landowners to construct buildings on their lands to improve their land's performance. This includes numerous benefits such as: faster mining time, more resources, greater success chances etc.

Buildings are the right choice if you want to:

  • Develop your lands, build and enhance performance.

  • Lay the foundations to greater land value

  • Boost productivity score, build to earn


  • Each land will feature 16 slots for buildings in a 4x4 grid.

  • Buildings will need to be built using a Blueprint and the resources specified in the blueprint.

  • Blueprints and buildings are not NFTs, but do provide bonuses to your NFTs (such as colonists or vehicles running missions)

  • Each Blueprint is consumed on use and each building requires a Blueprint.

  • Each land can have every building slot filled.

  • Lands will feature an information panel that will display all improvements made.

Building Types

Construction Station

A hub to store construction materials and organize builders with greater efficiency, allowing for quicker construction times.

Mining Drill

Powerful lasers are used to fracture and spall ore veins in sequence to improve mining speeds.


Automated systems work tirelessly to enhance refinement quality of materials that pass through the refineries and are able to eke out a mix of fuel efficiency alongside construction materials to help speed buildings along.


Cutting into Mars' regolith is hard work and requires significant effort, but quarries ensure those efforts are focused and directed efficiently which improves mining speed and resources produced from mining..


Warehouses sort stockpiles of goods and materials which in turn provides a boost to resources earned from jobs..

Living Quarters

Every colonist needs a home and these high density spaces provide centralized life support with minimal wasted space, such helpful provisions help boost productivity significantly.

Mission Station

These large structures coordinate missions across Mars with greater success thanks to the import of UN-graded command and control modules.


Exploration teams are always happy to have the support of a fully functional scanning array that can help them achieve their objectives faster..

Research Centre

A specialized building designed to boost mission success rates and mining speeds by providing in-depth analysis of missions to streamline colonists at work..


By ensuring that the colony’s vehicles are well maintained and kept in good working condition, workshops help increase the fuel efficiency of those vehicles.


In order to construct, one must have the necessary components ready:

  1. Land with all its resource slots fully explored

  2. Building blueprints (at least one)

  3. Sufficient resources as specified by the blueprint

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