Diving Deeper Into The MCC’s Mechanics


Lands are NFTs that players buy and own. Once a player buys a plot of land it belongs to them.

You can buy your very own land NFT right here:

In the Mars Control Center each land will have 6 resource slots.

  • Users will have to explore the zone in order to discover what resources are hidden within it.

  • To begin exploration the user will have to own the land and a vehicle

  • Each discovered slot will add 300 productivity score to the land

  • User can freely select which of the 6 zones to explore first

  • All of the zones can be explored at once

    • Only 1 vehicle can explore or mine 1 resource slot at a time

    • More vehicles = More exploration & mining

Discovery Process

  • Each vehicle explores and mines resources at different paces.

    • There are two roles for vehicles in the MCC, some are better at exploring lands while others are better at mining. Vehicles can perform both roles, but may not be as efficient as their counterparts.

  • All vehicles will have the same probability to discover different types of resources.

    • The exact resource will be picked randomly from the list below.

  • Every resource slot needs to be explored successfully once.

  • When the slot is explored, the player can start the mining process in the same slot.


  • Explored zones on a land can be used to mine discovered resources using vehicles.

  • Every vehicle will have a different mining mission timer

    • The better the vehicle’s quality, the longer it can continue mining without needing to refuel

  • Mining missions as with discovery missions will have a success chance

    • Higher rarity vehicles will have higher chances of success

  • The example below covers a vehicle called the Caripen GT.

  • Resources found will be displayed in kilograms.

  • Mined resources are received as NFTs.

Discovery and Mining Costs

Each job execution will have a fixed price. Different vehicles will have different fixed prices

*Caripen prices as an example


There will be 3 different rarities of resources to be discovered. Each tier of rarity will have a different chance of being discovered.


The amount of resources discovered in a zone by a vehicle is not affected by the vehicle’s statistics. Concentration amounts are random and individual for each of the 6 slots on the land.

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