2022 Q1
✅ Staking
✅ Bridge To BSC
✅ Launch on Pancakeswap
2022 Q2
✅ "Dubai On Mars" VR Movie
✅ Playable 3D Game version
✅ Testing and Bug-Bounty
✅ Base Building Competition
✅ Discover Hidden Objects Competition
2022 Q3
✅ In-game NFTs Sale
✅ NFT Vehicles Driving In-Game
✅ NFT Inventory In-Game
✅ Mars Control Center (MCC) Launch
✅ MCC <> 3D Game Connection
✅ Multi Blockchain Support (Polygon Added)
2022 Q4
✅ Leaderboard + User Profiles In MCC
✅ MCC Resource Scanning and Mining
Single Player 3D Game Features:
✅ Water Extraction ✅ Hydration System ✅ Power Generation and Infrastructure System ✅ Move to Unreal 5 ✅ 10x Download Size Reduction ✅ 2x Performance Increase
✅ Resource Exploring and Mining
✅ Vehicle NFTs Renting
✅ Colonist (Characters) NFT Release
2023 Q1
Single Player 3D Game Features: ✅ Geological scanning system (Both hand held & vehicle based) (Additional Content) ✅ Colonist uniform & equipment customization system ✅ Power grid expansion: Wind and solar energy generation (Additional Content) ✅ Drive system overhaul: gearing and transmissions simulation (Additional Content) ✅ UI overhaul: colonist customization, character stats & NFT inventories. (Additional Content) ✅ Expansions to building system ✅ Agriculture mechanics ✅ Productivity Score progression system
✅ Mac Build of 3D Game
✅ MarsMasks PFP NFTs Mint (Additional Content)
✅ Building/Improving of Land (on MCC)
✅ Buildings Blueprints Release (on MCC)
✅ Staking Mars4$ For NFT Reward
✅ DAO: Voting For Battle Mode (on MCC)
Chat on MCC (cancelled to focus community into our social channels)
2023 Q2
Single Player 3D Game Features:
✅ Realtime Mapping System (Additional Content)
✅ Drop Pod System (Additional Content)
✅ Improved Onboarding / Tutorial
✅ DAO: Voting for Community Pool Distribution (MCC)
✅ P2P Marketplace of Resources (MCC)
Missions/quests on MCC (Postponed: to focus more development resources on Multiplayer)
✅ 2nd Gen (Female) Colonist Release
✅ Multiplayer v.0.3 sandbox (3D game) (Expanded scope: Replaces coop with server hosted multiplayer)
2023 Q3
✅ Click Beetle (+ Unique Mad Beetle) Rover (product)
✅ Decoration set (3D game)
✅ A new tier of building components (3D game)
✅ Game UI and lightning overhaul (3D game)
✅ Upgrade to Unreal 5.2 (3D game)
✅ Jetpack Functionality (3D game)
✅ Multiplayer Sandbox v.0.2 (Mac Build) (3D game)
✅ New Single Player Mac Build (3D game)
✅ Performance optimization (3D game)
✅ In-Game Journal (3D game)
✅ Mining/Exploration Improvements (on MCC)
✅ Breeding (on MCC)
✅ 3D lands view (on MCC)
✅ Gmail login (on MCC)
✅ $MARS4 staking for land NFTs
✅ Campaigns page (on MCC)
✅ Notification system (on MCC)
✅ Minigame (on MCC)
Expanded agriculture mechanics (Additional plants, trees, & production chains) (3D game)
2023 Q4
My empire (homepage) view (on MCC)
Land upgrade functionality (on MCC)
Multiplayer Sandbox Alpha v.0.4 (3D game)
Flying vehicle functionality (3D game)
Pets functionality (3D game)
Personal ATVs functionality (3D game)
Achievements (on MCC)
Binance pay (on MCC)
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