2022 Q1
  • Staking
  • Bridge To BSC
  • Launch on Pancakeswap
2022 Q2
  • "Dubai On Mars" VR Movie
  • Playable 3D Game version
  • Testing and bug-bounty
  • Base building competition
  • Discover hidden objects competition
2022 Q3
  • In-game NFTs Sale
  • NFT Vehicles driving in-game
  • NFT inventory in-game
  • Mars Control Center (MCC) launch
  • MCC <> 3D Game connection
  • Multi Blockchain Support (Polygon added)
2022 Q4
  • Leaderboard, User profile in MCC
  • MCC resource scanning and mining
  • Single Player 3D Game features:
Watering system
Power generation and infrastructure system
Move to Unreal 5
Reduce game installer size
Increased performance
  • Resource exploring and mining
  • Vehicles NFTs renting
2023 Q1
  • Single Player 3D Game features:
Agriculture mechanics (in progress)
Expansions to building system (in progress)
Colonist uniform customization (in progress)
Spacesuit upgrades
Productivity Score (in progress)
Mac Build
  • Land upgrade / building function on MCC (Browser game client)
  • NFT Colonist in 3D game
  • MarsMasks NFT release
  • DAO functions -> Voting for community pool distribution on MCC
  • Chat on MCC
  • Colonist NFT release in MCC
  • Staking Mars4$ for NFT rewards
2023 Q2
  • Single Player 3D Game optimisation and balancing
  • Cooperative gameplay on locally hosted land - invite your friends to play with you
  • P2P Marketplace: Resources for Mars4 dollars
  • Missions/ quests launch MCC + Leaderboard
2023 Q3
  • Server hosted limited land multiplayer: 4-5 lands, multiple players
  • P2P Marketplace: For NFTs trading
  • Full 3D game and MCC connection
2023 Q4
  • Multiplayer 3D Game (full features ready)
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