Mars4 Control Center

The Mars4 Control Center (MCC) is a browser-based control centre for all elements relating to Mars4. The MCC is a fully interactive system, accessible on any internet browser, that allows players and landowners control over the majority of their in-game progression and to manage their NFT assets. This includes Mars4's research, colonist progression, and trade alongside other features as written below. The planned functions for the MCC are as follows:

  • View owned land

  • Earn passive income

  • See community pool size (and growth)

  • View global leaderboards and rankings

  • Buy, sell, and trade in-game NFTs

  • Upgrade and manage colonists

  • Trade with other players via the marketplace

  • Submit in-game NFT cosmetic proposals

  • Participate in the governance of Mars4

  • Manage and determine research to improve land plots

  • Set mining and discovery missions to earn NFT resources

How to profit from Mars4?

One of the biggest incentives of getting involved in the Mars4 project is to make a profit, and the user will be able to make a profit in the following ways:

  • Getting passive income - Earn a passive income from community pool redistribution.

  • Participating in events - Win valuable prizes in hosted events from the community and the Mars4 team

  • Sell in-game NFTs - Buy limited edition NFTs and earn from reselling them in the secondary market

  • Upgrading and selling colonists - Colonists can be upgraded via the MCC, improving their productivity score and thus their value. They can then be sold on the NFT market to other players. Colonists can be upgraded in the following ways:

    • Increasing XP - Colonist XP increases automatically at different speeds depending on how much land area you own

    • Increasing productivity - Mounting additional NFTs in the form of equipment on colonists and increasing their productivity

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