Colonist & Vehicle Upgrade Slots

Both Colonists and Vehicles will have slots that can be filled with NFT parts. Each of the parts will be unique in its own way providing countless different customization options for colonists and vehicles. Slotting different upgrades into their respective slots adjusts a Vehicle or Colonist's performance, giving players the freedom to focus their colonists and vehicles around their strengths or preferred gameplay.

Colonist Slots

  • Helmet - Helmets provide colonists a stable oxygen supply as well as the universal smart displays that keep them informed about environmental hazards.

  • Boots - Footwear designed for Mars' varied terrains; suitable for the rocky plateaus, sandy deserts, and the frozen arctic.

  • Gloves - Handwear with surprising levels of tactile feedback even through the thick, protective materials. Glove variants provide greater efficiency wielding tools and when constructing as well as when traversing the Martian landscape.

  • Backpack - Backpacks ensure that the majority of weight a colonist takes on is able to be balanced safely. Backpacks increase maximum carry weights for colonists with some models even able to support robotic arms and other supportive machinery.

  • Upper Suit - The upper suit assembly provides the majority of temperature and radiation protections provided to colonists. It is also able to increase oxygen level capacity.

  • Lower Suit - The lower suit assembly's design affords colonists a smattering of protection while supporting their weight tolerances and providing greater mobility.

Vehicle Slots

  • Engine - Engines dictate a vehicle's speed and acceleration.

  • Energy Reserve - The energy reserve dictates the energy efficiency of a vehicle and the length of time it can persist without requiring refuelling or recharging.

  • Shielding - Protects colonists from the ravages of Mars' weather systems

  • Life Support - Life support provides stable temperatures and air.

NFT Parts

Each category has several different selections that will impact Colonist or Vehicle performance in some way. Some NFT parts will have advantages and disadvantages provided to the Colonist or Vehicle and it will be up to the player to pick parts that fits their playstyle.

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