Machinery, Cell Chargers, Containers, and Decorations


Colonists are able to build machines that improve their chances of survival. Different types of machinery will be used to make life easier for the colonists and fall into several broad categories including:

Life Support

  • Heater - Increases the temperature in the area around the machine and helps colonists survive long cold nights and unexpected temperature changes.

  • Wall Heater - Provides the same functionality as the Heater, but is attached to wall surfaces and powered by the wiring system.

  • Oxygen Generator - Uses energy cells in order to produce oxygen in a room. A room must be airtight in order for the oxygen generator to work.

  • Oxygen Tank Replenisher - Refills oxygen tanks. Players can add empty tanks into the machine and wait for them to be filled. Oxygen tanks are consumed to provide colonists with breathable air.

Energy Cell Chargers

  • Sunflower solar panel* - Charges Energy Cells using Solar energy. Only usable during the day and must be placed outside or in a location where sunlight is easily accessible.

Resource Refining

  • Portable Furnace - The smallest class of furnace with the lowest inventory space and processing speed.

  • Small Furnace - While not portable like the previous version, the Small Furnace is able to process materials faster and contain larger inventories of materials.

  • Arc furnace - A material processor that uses a power grid to process materials into higher quality ones. It features the largest inventory space and fastest processing speeds among the various furnaces.

  • Electrolysis Machine - Consumes perchlorate brines to produce hydrogen and oxygen and is part of a series of later Electrolysis Machines due to be released in the future.


  • Portable Fabricator - The first crafting machine that the colonists are able to assemble. It features a limited set of items that can be built and is focused on providing for the immediate needs of colonists.

  • Small Fabricator - A better crafting machine that is not portable, but is able to produce more advanced machines and equipment. The Small Fabricator provides access to more in-depth systems such as the wiring system.

  • Fabricator - A core device that is required to craft every other machine in the game. It is large enough to require two separate crafted components to be assembled and will provide access to all craftable machines and equipment.

  • Synthetic Manufacturer - An assembler and extruder that can craft all manner of decorations. In Mars1, the Synthetic Manufacturer will only use Methane. In later versions, the machine will need higher tier refined goods such as plastics.

*marked machines will have energy source changes in Mars2 so the name of the machines will change to reflect the new energy resource.

Storage Containers

Storage containers help colonists manage the many resources, items, and materials available for use in crafting. There are four different types of containers with different inventory space and sizes.

  • Chests

  • Cabinets

  • Wall Cabinets

  • Wall Containers


Decorations are created using the Synthetic Manufacturer.

Players are able to decorate their houses, bases, and homes with various type of decorations such as:

  • Chairs

  • Desks

  • Lamps

  • Beds

  • Statues

  • Chandeliers

At the moment there are over 30 different decoration items ready for the player to use and Mars4 plans to integrate tools that will allow players to create their own tradeable decorative items.

Energy systems

Vehicles, machinery and other objects require different types of energy to operate. There are two different methods of providing energy: Internal and external

  • Internal - Energy Cell: fuel requires to be inserted into the objects in order to be used.

  • External - Cabling: provides electricity through cables

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