Colonists & In-game NFTs

Users will first access the MCC using in-game characters - colonists. They will be NFTs and will be tradable between users. This means the colonist itself becomes a valuable passive-income-generating asset. Every wallet having Mars Land NFT before the 23:59 (UTC) of January 25th, 2023 is applicable for a free colonist from the third wave collection. Each player starts with a single colonist unlocked by default for free, are able to own several at a time and are able to expand on the maximum number of ownable colonists later on. Colonists comprise two core elements: XP and Productivity Score, whereas other in-game NFTs (such as vehicles and lands for example) only make use of their productivity score.


Only colonist NFTs have experience points (XP). These points show actual colonist experience from working and surviving on Mars lands. The rate of experience earned by a colonist is modified by how much land the colonist's owner has. XP will be gained automatically in the background.

Productivity Score

Users will be interested in receiving as much productivity score as possible from their assets and the productivity score is a system to quantify the share from the community pool. This means that a higher productivity score reflects a bigger share of the community pool. The principle behind productivity score values is presented below.

In-game NFTs

Owned NFTs will belong to the user and are not exclusive to the colonist. There will be 2 main categories of NFTs, namely, Asset and Part NFTs.

Asset NFTs include Colonists, Vehicles, Spacesuits, Exosuits as well as Building Pieces. Each of these assets fulfils its own role on the surface of Mars. Colonists represent the player’s character and are the core interface with virtual Mars. They have a series of needs that must be met to ensure survival on Mars, from food and water to air and shelter from the elements. Vehicles, Spacesuits, Exosuits and Building Pieces make up the assets that will significantly help a colonist’s efforts to survive and foster cooperation between them. Vehicles provide utility in the form of greater inventory space and speeds, building pieces allow for the creation of shelters and contained spaces that support the colonist’s production chains and refining, while spacesuits and Exosuits allow a colonist to bring more powerful tools to bear towards the extraction of resources.

Part NFTs refer to all manner of parts that are equipped by or onto the various Asset NFTs. This can range from engine upgrades and fuel efficiency devices that are mounted on vehicles to alter their performance characteristics to choosing between various types of life-support systems and air-cycling devices on a colonist’s spacesuit. The more subtle interaction between a colonist’s equipped parts and available assets will determine various specific functions a player might choose to take advantage of. For example, a colonist choosing to delve into a crater will want to make use of any mountable Part NFT that boosts their suit’s thermal insulation due to the colder climate at the crater base.

Types of NFTs

Among the categories of in-game NFTs (Asset and Part NFTs as described above), there are different strata of qualities for them. There are three levels of quality: Classic, Epic, and Legendary. At lower qualities, assets and parts used in Mars4 will be cheaper compared with the higher quality equivalents. Classic quality NFTs are the most easily amassed due to their lower costs and plentiful supply, however, the higher quality NFTs enjoy greater in-game stats and greater productivity score, but are more limited in number.

Additionally, ownership of epic and legendary quality NFTs will allow a player to participate in raffles and giveaway events.

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