Colonists: Equipment & Roles


Colonists are a great asset to Lands looking to expand their settlement and value so it will be a matter of what Landowners can offer to provide a proposal enticing enough to capture these new Colonists. As with every game, some Lands(Servers) will be private, others public, some you must apply for, others will chase you begging and pleading to join. After joining a Land the initial experience will be quite heavily dictated by how that Land is run and its goals:

  • Is it your buddy’s Land NFT he bought for the two of you to have fun on? In which case expect one hell of a survival game.

  • Or is it a full-fledged colony that needs more drivers to address a bottleneck between its mines, and its mineral-processing plants?

Colonists can accept jobs from Landowners to make a personal profit, and maybe buy a Land NFT of their own one day.

  • Each Colonist is an NFT and can be bought and sold on a secondary market.

  • Colonists are the backbone of the colony, they take care of building maintenance, energy and food supply, territory exploration, and mineral gathering.

Colonist Equipment

Colonists have many tools from a variety of categories specifically designed to help explore and survive new lands. These include:

  • Mining tool - Used to destroy ore nodes to collect resources

  • Building tool - Allows the player to select the required construction part to build their base

  • Upgrade/destroy tool - Used to upgrade constructible parts in a base or destroy unwanted pieces

  • Scanning tool - Scans ore nodes and provides information about what type and how many resources lie within them.

  • Shovel - Used to dig up valuable resources that are separate from those obtained via the Mining tool.

  • Wiring Tool - Used to connect power cables from one machine to another, potentially forming a power grid.

In addition to these usable tools, each colonist (each player character) is also able to mount additional equipment that affects their productivity and survival on Mars. This can range from shielding on a spacesuit to survive in areas with vastly more hostile conditions to improving oxygen reserves to be able to go for longer without shelter.

Further down the development pipeline, Colonists will have the Tool Arm

Tool Arm - A highly advanced piece of equipment that performs tasks instead of the colonist, allowing colonists greater freedom and precision when going about their day. The Tool Arm will hold a colonist’s tools and can perform tasks independent of the colonist.

The Spacesuit

The Spacesuit is a technologically advanced suit that the colonists will be able to wear. The suit itself will have a separate energy bar and will consume Energy cells. When the colonist is using the Spacesuit he has additional benefits such as:

  • Increased movement speed

  • Increased force when jumping (height and speed)

  • Decreased fall damage

  • Increased carry weight

  • Greater protection from hostile environments such as low temperatures or radiation

When the Spacesuit runs out of energy the colonist can change out its Energy cells. The colonist will always have to bear in mind the longevity of any trip they undertake and the amount of Energy cells the player wants to take with them.

Colonist Roles

Each role has a lot of different skills and specific operations related to it and requires a specific set of minimal requirements (like in EVE online). Players are free to mix and match roles on their colonists, however, training skills can take a long time so there is value in specialisation and therefore cooperation.

  • Geologist - analyses the environment and allocates mineral resource locations as well as refines rocks to minerals

  • Miner - mines resources from the surface or digs mines

  • Driver - drives vehicles (mineral hauling, transporting colonists and materials for building, goods to other colonies)

  • Engineer - sets-up electrical systems, upgrades vehicles, and equipment, builds and upgrades structures, takes care of production

  • Biologist - grows plants and insects, responsible for the sustenance of colony as well as biological terraforming

  • Medic - can revive teammates from a cryogenic sleep in a medical facility, apply brain and body modifications, diagnose and heal illness, and insert brain implants.

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