Water Production

Water Gathering

Water gathering is handled with machinery. There are different ways to get water, e.g. colonists can gather it from the environment or from underground. It will all depend on how the colonists utilize the available machinery:

  • Pump-jack - A water pumping system that uses energy to pump water from underground.

  • Water gathering system - Uses energy cells to gather small amounts of water which is then filtered to make it drinkable. This system requires a lot of energy and time.

Water Storage

Water storage is a piece of expandable and upgradeable equipment that can hold large quantities of water for later use. It has the following forms:

Upgradable Water storage unit - A location to store water. There are 3 tiers of storage units.

  • Tier 1 stores 100 litres of water

  • Tier 2 stores 200 litres of water

  • Tier 3 stores 300 litres of water

These numbers are subject to change based on water usage to balance the system.

Water Processing

Colonists have a few different ways to process water. One method is to use a machine that takes the gathered water from other sources and filters it. Another method is to use minerals that prepare water for usage. Colonists are able to make use of the following machines:

  • Mineral baking system - Can be used to collect water. Since there are plentiful hydrated minerals (such as gypsum) on Mars, colonists can crush and bake them to condense water.

  • Water filtering machine - Purifies water and makes it drinkable and suitable for various purposes such as plant growing.

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