Land NFTs

The World’s 1st NFT Land plots on a geographically-exact 3D Virtual Mars, created with data from NASA and other space agencies. You can own, explore, colonise, increase their value and earn Mars4 tokens in the Mars4 Play to Earn (P2E) Game.

While the world is excited about the colonisation of Mars, you have a unique opportunity to own and earn passive incomes from your own NFT Land on the Red Planet in the Mars4 Metaverse. This Virtual Mars consists of 99,888 individual land plots divided across the surface area of the planet. Each of these land plots is created using data from NASA and other space agencies to portray their NFT forms as well as their future in-game design.

Of these land plots, 888 of them are listed as 'Rare NFTs' and can be viewed and explored here. These Rare NFTs are split into 789 Unique, 57 Rare, 34 Super Rare and 8 Epic plots. Each Rare NFT covers a significantly larger area that encompasses a famous topological feature on Mars from named craters all the way to Olympus Mons itself.

You can purchase your own piece of Mars, choosing from amongst the 99,000 standard plots here and begin to earn your passive income and more beyond that as development continues towards the full release of Mars4, the integrated full multiplayer survival experience. If you’re new to the NFT world, we have the following tutorial to help introduce you to the process of buying and owning NFTs.

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