Productivity Score (In Development)

Productivity Score is a numerical value that represents the time and resources spent on developing lands. This score is already a key component of the Mars Control Center (MCC) and is used to calculate the value in $Mars4 earned from community pool distributions by individual players.

In the 3D game, Productivity Score is used to determine in-game progress. The score contributes to reaching Major and Minor Milestones which in turn provide rewards and unlock new machinery, tools, etc.

Productivity Score in the MCC

  • Increased by NFTs owned (Land, Vehicles, and Colonists)

  • Increased by equipment, buildings and land development

  • The proportionate value of your Productivity Score against the total community value determines the amount of $Mars4 earned from community pool distributions.

Productivity Score in the 3D Game

  • Increased by NFTs owned (Land, Vehicles, and Colonists)

  • Increased by building pieces and their tier with higher tiers providing more Score than lower tiers.

  • Increased by building machines and their tiers in the same fashion.

  • increased by exploring Mars and discovering beacons that uncover more of the map.

  • More interactions with Productivity Score to come.

  • Productivity Score unlocks new technologies, machines, and tier levels of buildable objects as it increases through Milestones.


Milestones are either Major or Minor depending on what rewards are received upon reaching them via the 3D game's Productivity Score.


Major Milestones govern unlocks for colonists on the surface such as higher tier constructions and new craftable machines as their colonies (and their Productivity Score) improve.


Earned every 25 points, Minor Milestones give players a small boost of resources when playing to help them develop their colonies.

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