Management & Governance

From the player’s perspective, a single Land NFT is akin to an MMO Guild or Corp and its HQ, similar to a DAO. The majority of the progress in the game is centred around developing the Land and expanding its number of players and colonists.

There are landowners, who may be more interested in yield and profit than gameplay. For those owners, we will support the easy assignment of Land Managers who will take on all of the action items to grow your asset. Either way, to make a Land thrive there is a lot of management work to be done:

  • Recruiting new colonists

  • Laying out plans for the construction of the colony

  • Providing building & economic permits

  • Organising colonists into workforces with clear objectives

  • Trading with other colonies and Earth

  • Making Colonists' time on the Land more fun and engaging through community events

Land Governance System

The Land governance system is a deep interface to allow Landowners and Managers to delegate tasks and determine how the Land will be run. Think of each Land like a private server, the rules of which are set in the Governance system.

Example of Governance System in use:

Land plot 9990001 is run as a democratic and free-market Land

  • The Landowner has opened up his Land to the public with the goal of players swarming to it and growing the empty Land into a bustling metropolis.

  • All decisions are made by the Colonists by equal vote

  • Land plot 9990001 is open 24/7

  • Colonists can freely build wherever they want

  • The majority of all resources Colonists collect is kept for themselves paying just a fraction to the Landowner for upkeep

  • Citizenship to the Land is offered freely to anyone who wishes to settle there and help it grow.

  • Anyone is free to post and accept jobs on the Land job board

Land plot 3330002 in contrast is a private plot

  • The Landowner and their close-knit group of friends actively play on the Land and use it as a private server for the coop survival experience.

  • All decisions are made by the owner and their small group of friends

  • The Land plot is only online weekdays from 5 10 p.m., the period in which the owners play

  • The owner and their small group of friends have 100% control over what gets built and where

  • No one outside the small group of friends is given citizenship to the Land

  • 95% of all resources mined in that Land go to the ownership

  • Only the owners can post jobs on the Land job board

  • However, they offer very well-paid contracts to mine on their Land for them, so although a colonist can’t make a home for themselves on Land plot 3330002 they can earn quite a hefty sum working there and reinvest those funds somewhere they are more welcome. They may even earn enough to buy their own Land plot NFT out in the frontier.

Research & Technologies

Research is not done individually but instead on a Land-wide scale by constructing research centres and investing in them. The unlocked technologies will be provided to the colony as a whole (or restricted to specific Colonists via the Land Governance System)

  • All buildings and building upgrades require their respective technologies to be unlocked and constructed in that Land.

  • Research is passively ongoing until it completes. The Technology, its level and the level of the Technology Center all affect how long research takes.

  • Landowners and Colonists can invest a certain amount of $MARS4 to start a unique R&D project in the hope of gaining a unique NFT-based Innovative Technology. In the case of success, they will be able to trade this KnowHow for $MARS4 on a market for the other Colony Managers which will give them the possibility to develop this Innovative Technology on their own Land.

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