Discovery & Mining NFTs With The MCC

This page covers the basic mechanics behind discovering and mining resources in the form of NFTs from your Mars Land NFTs. Instructions on how to use the MCC are also covered here.

The MCC’s resource discovery and mining mechanics will revolve around players using their land and vehicle NFTs to discover what resources can be found on their lands and mining it for the profits. Players will have to smartly utilise their vehicles and colonists because each will have their own advantages and disadvantages when deployed on lands via the MCC.

How to start with the MCC

To fully utilise every aspect of the Mars Control Center a player needs at least one land and a vehicle, although it is possible to use the MCC with just a single land. There are only a few steps required to set everything up and start benefiting from the MCC.

Step One

Buy a land - Lands are NFTs that the player buys and owns. These lands are used in the full 3D game’s release as the territory colonists can play on. In addition, in the MCC each land will have 6 different, hidden resources and the player will be able to discover and profit from the resources that lie beneath his land.

You can buy your very own land right here.

Step Two (Optional)

Buying a vehicle is optional but it's strongly recommended in order to fully benefit from the land’s possibilities and the player’s ability to earn resources.

In the MCC, vehicles are NFTs that are used to discover and mine a land’s hidden resources. These same NFTs can also be used in the 3D game.

There will be different types of vehicles for the player to buy, such as:

  • Vehicles that specialise at discovery

  • Vehicles that specialise in mining

Click here to buy a vehicle

Step Three

Start discovering the hidden resources present in your land.

1. To start the discovery of hidden resources, a player needs to open his Land information panel as shown in the example below:

2. Click on one of the 6 available resource slots that look like this:

3. Select which vehicle to send on a exploration (discovery) mission:

4. And start the mission

5. If the player doesn’t own vehicles he can rent a vehicle but the rewards will much smaller

6. When the exploration mission is complete, the player will get 1 of 2 messages

  • The exploration was a success and the hidden resource and its concentration is revealed

  • The exploration was a failure and you will need to try again

Step Four

With a successful discovery mission, the player finds out one of the hidden resources in his land NFT. The player is now able to send a vehicle to start mining the discovered resource.

1. The resource slot that was discovered now becomes mineable and the resource with its concentration is shown.

2. Mining missions start the same way discovery mission do, by adding a vehicle into the slot

3. Renting a vehicle for mining missions is also possible but the reward is much smaller

4. Once the mission is completed, as before 1 of 2 pop ups will display:

  • The mission is successful and the earned rewards are shown.

  • The mission failed in the same way as in discovery missions.

*More in depth information about how the discovery and mining systems work can be found on the next page.

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