Trade and markets are the central pillars of the game’s longevity and crypto integration. The first step to market integration is the MCC’s global market similar to EVE Online where everyone buys and sells using $MARS4. In future implementations, there will be a simple tax added to all transactions based on a rudimentary distances calculation.

Once the foundation of the market is implemented we will later expand it via adding the transport of the traded goods. This will take two forms:

Ground-based transport - Each Land will have a ‘traversal time’ associated with it. When trading, a path will be mapped between 2 lands and a total traversal time calculated which will add a “transport cost” to the trade.

A Lands traversal time is based on the fastest time a player can drive across it in each cardinal direction in a vehicle. This can obviously be improved by hiring better racing drivers, and also improving the infrastructure, i.e. building bridges across ravines, paving roads, etc. all of which the colony can invest in.

Rocket transport - This method of transport requires launch platforms built at both the sending and receiving bases. However, it has a much higher base cost per trade. While a single rocket is faster, it is limited by the cost per distance and the quantity of goods transported. This inherently makes rockets more expensive, however, if the quantity of goods is high enough and the distance is long enough it can become a more efficient option.

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