The Mars4 Team



Chief Executive Officer

  • Serial Entrepreneur and Business Leader

  • Owner of a portfolio of businesses spanning, Connected Care, IoT, Media & Blockchain

  • Advisory Committee member for one the leading Venture Capital firms in Northern Europe

  • Experienced in building crypto start-ups

Tomas Co-founder

  • Early Stage Venture Capital Fund Partner & Angel Investor

  • Over 20 years experience in ICT, Banking & Investing

  • Investment portfolio includes successful ventures in FinTech, Marketplaces, Electric Vehicles, as well as pure play crypto start-ups in the Digital Assets and Blockchain space

Paul Co-Founder

  • Seasoned Marketing and Ecommerce Executive

  • Leading the EMEA expansion of the Super G children's GPS watch brand

  • Experienced in building and growing passionate communities of evangelists for crypto start-ups Launched the first marketplace on Second Life

Dziugas Chief Operating Officer

  • Bachelor degrees in Business and Marketing

  • 9 years of experience building IT products

  • Experience in running start-ups and fundraising

  • Domain knowledge in fintech, healthcare, and agriculture sectors


Paula Chief Marketing Officer

  • 10 years experience in marketing and advertising across a variety of industries and platforms.

  • Skilled of managing and mentoring team of marketing professionals.

  • Passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and technologies.

Arnas Marketing Manager

  • Experienced in creating and optimizing crypto-related advertising campaigns.

  • Skilled in creating content and copywriting.

  • Proficient in business development and looking for potential clients or partners.

  • Obsessed with tech, Web3 and the gaming industry.

Game Development

Nick Game Development Director

  • 15 years in Sci-fi game development

  • 10 years working on R&D prototyping for industry-leading F2P MMO publishers

  • 5 years indie game development

  • Experienced in team and project management, and technical design

  • Passion for mechanics design, visuals, and render pipelines

Domantas Junior game designer

  • Bachelor degree in Game Design

  • 5 years in game development

  • Experienced with game balance and design documentations

  • Interest in technology trends.

Dennis Programmer

  • Programmer with 20 years' experience

  • 3 years in game development

  • Experienced in a wide area of programming that includes SQL accounting reports, business applications, stock exchange robots, gateways and Unreal Engine

David Programmer

  • 7 years' experience working with Unreal Engine

  • Experienced with UI, Gameplay and Custom Editor extensions

  • Skilled with multiplayer and steam integration, Python, and PhotoCS

  • Avid enjoyment of maths, vectors, trigonometry, and render pipelines

Danijel Technical artist

  • 3D artist with 11 years' experience in game development

  • Experienced in Art Production, 3D Pipelines, Technical Art, and Procedural Content Creation with Houdini and Unreal Engine

  • Skilled in Project and Team Management, Art Direction, and Worldbuilding

Deividas Harsurface 3D modeller

  • Bachelor degree in Programming and Multimedia

  • 2 years’ experience in 3D art and modelling

  • Experience working with hard surface models, design, and texturing

  • Passionate about gaming and guitar playing.

Edgaras Harsurface 3D modeller

  • 1 year’s experience in texturing, and hard surface and organic modelling

  • Experience with Zbrush, Blender, Substance painter, Marvelous Designer, and Photoshop

  • Avid fan of gaming, powerlifting, and analog/digital electronics.

Spyros Art Director

  • 13 years’ experience in videogame and movie concept art

  • Art director for 3 launched games

  • Experience in movie development and cinematography

  • Passionate about motorcycles and naval aviation

Chris Writer

  • 9 years in freelance writing

  • 4 years working with indie game developers

  • Passionate about science fiction literature and languages

The Mars4 Project's extended team includes many more talented individuals, all working in various roles from programmers to product marketing as we power ahead towards bringing the Metaverse on Mars to Earth.

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